Who We Are

We, Sisters of Social Service, are women of many cultures who come together to fulfill the Gospel call to care for the poor and alienated. The right of all people to live in dignity is at the heart of our work and of our religious faith.

Our lives are blessed by the Benedictine values that respect all people and things, cherish the familial warmth of community, make welcome the stranger, and find joy in work and renewal in prayer. We trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we continue to embark on new ventures in service to people in need.

Associates of the Sisters of Social Service are people who feel a special identity with the spirit and mission of the Community and with their lives express the purpose and the goals for which the Sisters of Social Service was founded.


October e-news

As we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of SSS in Sacramento this year - and soon the 90th of the Sisters of Social Service Los Angeles - we'd like to pay tribute to some of the former and current works of Sisters and Associates. Planting Seeds of Hospitality and Hope at Wellspring Women's Center.
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August e-news

On June 18, many Sisters of Social Service gathered in Amadeo with friends and colleagues from throughout Cavite to celebrate with Sr. Vangie Lasao, SSS, as she made her final vows.
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July e-news

This spring, as we continue to deepen our own understanding of our world and God's presence within and among us, the Sisters of Social Service gathered to delve more deeply into the encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si'.
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Sisters of Social Service

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