Who We Are

We, Sisters of Social Service, are women of many cultures who come together to fulfill the Gospel call to care for the poor and alienated. The right of all people to live in dignity is at the heart of our work and of our religious faith.

Our lives are blessed by the Benedictine values that respect all people and things, cherish the familial warmth of community, make welcome the stranger, and find joy in work and renewal in prayer. We trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we continue to embark on new ventures in service to people in need.

Associates of the Sisters of Social Service are people who feel a special identity with the spirit and mission of the Community and with their lives express the purpose and the goals for which the Sisters of Social Service was founded.


March 2018 - Weaving Hope – Anima


"Weaving Hope with a Faith That Does Justice"
An Interfaith Social Justice Convening Day - April 14, 2018.

An invitation to the event and a biography of Jeremy Richman, Ph.D., from the Avielle Foundation and his passionate research and work shifting the paradigm to "brain health".

Weaving Hope with a Faith That Does Justiceis a project of the Anima International Foundation (Anima) in partnership with our lead sponsor, NETWORK, and the Holy Spirit Retreat Center.
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January 2018 - Wrap up of 2017

Some of the top stories:
Highlights from the 90 Year Celebration, Sawtelle Center and Regis House, SF Valley Interfaith Solidarity March, Día de los Muertos...

Also sharing the impact of:
Sr. Paula Vandagaer, SSS - International Leader in the Pro-Life Movement
Elizabeth Lopez, SSS Candidate - Attorney and Advocate working with Asylum Seekers
Sr. Maribeth Larkin, SSS - Regional and International Community Organizer
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Volunteering with the Sisters of Social Service

Get involved with SSS Ministries!
We have opportunities for one-time and ongoing volunteers (and groups) to work more closely with the Sisters and participate in the works of peace and social justice that are at the heart of the Community.
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Sisters of Social Service

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