SSS Vocation and Formation

Whatever your gifts and passions, we invite you to consider joining us!


The Sisters of Social Service


The charism of the SSS is firmly rooted in the dynamic presence of the Holy Spirit at work within each sister as she engages with the larger community in making decisions that take us into places and situations where we are being led. The spirit of St. Benedict accompanies us, calling forth our desire to challenge injustice in society’s systems as well as working one on one to address the dearth of human needs that plague so many who live in poverty. Joy invites us into community – this translates into the gift of hospitality as we welcome others to join with us in challenging the negativity and chaos that are disrupting our world.

Many SSS have engaged in the field of social work in various manifestations – from legislative work, community organizing, and one on one social services. Others have been called to express these principles through chaplaincy, theological work and retreat ministry. Since 1963, our Sisters have worked in Mexico and Taiwan and in 1994, expanded our work to the Philippines. Our Sisters champion local and global works of peace, advocate for marginalized people at the grassroots and legislative level, support economic development and community empowerment and provide direct social services to those on the margins of our world.

Becoming A Sister


The path of vocation is unique – the calling of every individual is a work of interaction with the Spirit of God. There is some mystery in this experience – there is a sense of being nudged, of wanting “something more.”

Recognizing the mystery of vocation, the SSS honor whatever processes are being experienced by those women being called.

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