Social Service Auxiliary

To assist the Sisters of Social Service Los Angeles in their work for social welfare.


In 1926, Sister Frederica Horvath brought the Sisters of Social Service ministry to Los Angeles. Soon after the community of Sisters was established, Sister Frederica founded the Social Service Auxiliary, a support group of energetic Catholic women in Los Angeles. Mrs. Daniel Murphy, whose husband was a prominent businessman, civic leader and generous philanthropic contributor, became the first President of the Auxiliary in 1928. Since its founding, the Auxiliary has created fundraising events and volunteer opportunities that have contributed greatly to support the lives and ministries of the Sisters of Social Service. Some of these ministries include Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Camp Mariastella, Regis House, House of Ruth, and the Sisters’ Villa Retirement Community.

Support efforts that the Auxiliary has overseen include fundraising teas, famously hosted by Mrs. Bob Hope; the annual Candlelight Ball, now called the Spiritus Ball. This beautiful springtime event celebrates religious and lay honorees from the Los Angeles Archdiocese for their outstanding work within the greater Los Angeles community. Additionally, the Auxiliary gathers hundreds of toys and gifts at Christmastime to be made available at the Regis House Christmas Store, which offers disadvantaged community members free gift shopping for their children.

Today, the Auxiliary continues to be a key benefactor to the Sisters of Social Service. The Sisters are eternally grateful for their exceptional support and friendship to the community.




Executive Advisors


Vice President – Benefit


Vice President – Juniors Liaison


Recording Secretary


Corresponding Secretary




Assistant Treasurer

Ms. Kathryn Kenney


Mrs. Gordon de Lang (R-lene)


Ms. Melissa Lanchantin
Mrs. Justin Whalen (Nicole)


Ms. Leslie Ann Holliday

Ms. Kristina Sunness


Mrs. Ronald Gowey (Mary Catherine)


Mrs. Diane Kelterer

Mrs. Sullivan Farlow (Kate)


Mrs. Norman Branchflower (Suzanne)

Mrs. Thomas W. Edwards (Sally)

Mrs. Michael A. Wayne (Gretchen)

Join Us! The Social Service Auxiliary enthusiastically welcomes new members who are passionate about supporting the Mission of the Sisters of Social Service and the many social justice and community issues for which they strongly advocate. To inquire about the Auxiliary, please contact Kate Kenney, President, at (626) 862-1547 or

The Juniors of Social Service

Supporting Regis House

Established 1934

Since 1940, the dedicated women of the Juniors of Social Service have supported Regis House, a haven for women, children and families living on the margins of our society, and a place where friendship and hope can blossom. Established in the 1940’s by the Sisters of Social Service, Regis House continues to operate as a non-profit community center, offering a myriad of basic, indispensable services such as children’s programs, parenting classes, summer camp, English instruction, a food bank and more.

In the 1960’s, with help from the Juniors, the Sisters bought property on the Westside of town, where they established the first Regis House Community Center. After almost 60 years of providing services in West Los Angeles, Regis House Community Center relocated to the Westlake/Historic Filipinotown neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2008. Today, Regis House Community Center shares the goal of the Sisters of Social Service to provide a nurturing environment for people living in the local community.


The Juniors play a significant role in the ability for Regis House to thrive, offering important goods and services to the community it serves. Partnering with the Sisters, Juniors lend their time, talents and contributions so that Regis House can offer these life-giving services year-round.

Sr. Albertina and Juniors preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner at Regis House

In addition to their ongoing service at Regis House, annual highlights on the Juniors Calendar include:

Summer Day Camp

Each summer, the Juniors provide significant support to the Regis House Day Camp, by donating supplies such as swim suits, flip flops, sunscreen and snacks, and assisting in sponsoring campers.

Holiday Food Baskets

During Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Juniors, along with support from the Auxiliary, assist the Sisters with gift baskets filled with groceries, gift cards, clothing, toys, blankets, and other household items.

Annual Fall Mailing and Raffle

Each year, the Juniors sponsor a raffle with exciting prizes, all for the benefit of Regis House programs.

Members of the Juniors, together with the Sisters, believe that change can be accomplished by developing awareness and interest where the needs of the neighborhood are concerned. It is their intention to help families help themselves by working directly with individuals and groups by offering quality educational and social programs, and by providing resources to assist and empower them. Regis House administers all of its services for free or at a very low cost, based on the ability to pay. To make this all possible, Regis House Community Center is funded by the Juniors of Social Service and their fundraisers, private donations and foundation grants.

Get involved! For more information about the Juniors of Social Service, please call or email Mary Hatton, Director of Development, at(818) 285-3358 or

For more information about Regis House, please CLICK HERE.