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Sr. Simone Campbell's Invocation
Democratic National Convention August 20, 2020

Tonight marks an important next chapter in our story of who we will become...

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"Our Stance of the Sin of Racism"

We, Sisters of Social Service are women of many cultures who come together to fulfill the Gospel...

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"I can't breathe because God can't breathe"

A reflection by Sr. Anne Arabome SSS, the associate director of the Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Marquette University.

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On June 3, 2020 Villa Sisters joined with Angelinos in flashlight vigil remembering George Floyd a few days after his brutal killing by police.


The past two months have brought tragic reminders to all of us of just how far people of color stand outside the American ideal of equal rights, justice, and liberty for all. The televised police killings of so many African Americans shocked us out of our complacency and our deep denial about the state of civil and human rights among us. The humanity that was denied to each person during their violent deaths vividly showed us the truth of who really has power and privilege in this country.

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