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We hope to have the website up and going again soon! Please check back for recent news as we are able to update it. In the meantime, here are a few of our most recent newsletters:

June 2019 – Pentecost Celebrations

Join Us ~ Save the Dates!

Pentecost Weekend
June 8 and 9

Sisters of Social Service Celebrants
Sr. Catherine Connell, SSS
Sr. Rochelle Mitchell, SSS
Sr. Beth Momburg, SSS

Sr. Camille Mantigue, SSS
Sr. Isabel García Rodríguez, SSS
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April 2019 - Spring Sightings

Some of the top stories:
Sr. Jeanne Felion, SSS, Retiring from Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center; Associates’ Corner with Olga Sarabia; World Youth Day 2019, Panamá.

This issue also includes:
Spring Speaks to Me of Hope, poem by Sr. Anne Lehner, SSS
The Sun’s Power at Our Fingertips – Solar Update and Thank you!
Reader Insights – Send us your Lenten Journeys…
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March 2018 e-news


"Weaving Hope with a Faith That Does Justice"
An Interfaith Social Justice Convening Day - April 14, 2018.

An invitation to the event and a biography of Jeremy Richman, Ph.D., from the Avielle Foundation and his passionate research and work shifting the paradigm to "brain health".

Weaving Hope with a Faith That Does Justiceis a project of the Anima International Foundation (Anima) in partnership with our lead sponsor, NETWORK, and the Holy Spirit Retreat Center.
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January 2018 e-news

Some of the top stories:
Highlights from the 90 Year Celebration, Sawtelle Center and Regis House, SF Valley Interfaith Solidarity March, Día de los Muertos...

Also sharing the impact of:
Sr. Paula Vandagaer, SSS - International Leader in the Pro-Life Movement
Elizabeth Lopez, SSS Candidate - Attorney and Advocate working with Asylum Seekers
Sr. Maribeth Larkin, SSS - Regional and International Community Organizer
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May 2017 e-news

Stories from our pre-Pentecost issue:
Sr. Anne Arabome, SSS, Ph. D. defends thesis;
Sr. Yolanda Vega, SSS, SC Lamp Person of the Year;
SSS Associate Connie Smith honored with Our Lady of Guadalupe Award;
Sr. Claire Graham, SSS, receives "Power of One" award.
Regis House hosts CSUN social justice students;
Catholic Women Preach, Two SSS help engage Catholics globally;
Philippines' Day Camps turn 20.
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April 2017 e-news

Some of the top stories:
Remembering Sr. Diane Donoghue, SSS; Lent: A Forty-Day Retreat; Spiritus Award 2017 - Honoring Reverend Monsignor Clement J. Connolly; International Women's Day, Religious Education Congress
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February 2017 e-news

Some of the top stories:
Remembering Sr. Mary Anne Bonpane, SSS - Indomitable Advocate for Youth; Celebrations in Sacramento: 80th Anniversary; Opening our Doors, Our Hearts and Offering Compassion
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December 2016 e-news

As we start the new year, please know how very grateful we are for your presence in our lives. Our hands reach many more together than we could ever hope to alone.
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October 2016 e-news

As we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of SSS in Sacramento this year - and soon the 90th of the Sisters of Social Service Los Angeles - we'd like to pay tribute to some of the former and current works of Sisters and Associates. Planting Seeds of Hospitality and Hope at Wellspring Women's Center.
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August 2016 e-news

On June 18, many Sisters of Social Service gathered in Amadeo with friends and colleagues from throughout Cavite to celebrate with Sr. Vangie Lasao, SSS, as she made her final vows.
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July 2016 e-news

This spring, as we continue to deepen our own understanding of our world and God's presence within and among us, the Sisters of Social Service gathered to delve more deeply into the encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si'.
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